Cards are the center of Drew Heyen's talent. They are by no means the only thing that he does, or does well, but they are what he does best. He is fully capable of entertaining a small group of people with close up magic for as much as 45 minutes, using nothing but an ordinary, store bought, deck of Bicycle playing cards. Drew accomplishes amazing displays of skill by manipulating a deck of cards in a variety of ways. He is able to execute a variety of flourishes, each seeming more impossible than the last. He can control the selection, location, and condition of a given card in a wide spectrum of outcomes. He will cause you to believe that the element of chance, in a game using cards, would be completely non-existent.

Between the Jacks

Drew requests that on of his observers point to the back of one of the cards in the deck (which is fanned out) at random. Upon selection than card is flipped face up in place, in the deck, showing its value to all. Drew asks the participant if they are aware of the importance of that card. When the participant replies negatively (or mistakenly) Drew declares that there is none, but there is however significance to the two cards above, and the two cards below the aforementioned card, which he asks them to remove from the deck and show to the audience. The four removed cards are seen to be the four jacks from the deck.

Close up

Outside of cards Drew Heyen performs many other close up effects using small props and common everyday items. Coins, string, and rubber bands are but a few of the objects that he causes to behave in a most uncommon manner.

Crazy mans Handcuffs

Two normal, thin rubber bands are shown and passed for inspection. Drew places the rubber bands, one over each thumb and forefinger, in such a way that his two hands cannot bet separated without removing one of the rubber bands because they cross each other. This set up is shown from any angle and can be thoroughly inspected by the spectators. With the spectators watching as closely as they are ably, without physically interfering with the effect, the two rubber bands are caused to pass visibly through each other.

Parlor Magic

Parlor magic is the performance of close up magic with the aid of a table between the magician and the audience. Drew Heyen is able to extend, and enhance his performance to even greater heights when it is convenient for him to use a performance table. Though not ideal for all venues, when possible, this style of magic will allow Drew to performs for a small group of people (approximately 5 - 15) a variety of close-up effects that cannot be performed as walk-around. These genres offer a more personal and intimate feeling to the audience than either close-up or stage magic.

Stage Magic

Drew Heyen has written and produced a number of shows for performance on stage. These shows are more structured than the other types of magic. Rather than being casual person to person interaction between Drew and his audience members, they are plotted scenarios to be viewed much like a play. The magic used in stage shows tend to be larger effects that could be appreciated from a moderate distance. These shows tend to last approximately 30 minutes apiece, but a special show can be produced to meet your particular duration, theme, and other needs. For a special interest show there will be additional cost and time required for production.

Objects of Wonder

Drew Heyen appears as an Arab street peddler named Jackeem Sacaratch, who displays his magical wares for purchase. These wares include a crystal ball, which predicts unknowable facts for Jackeem. The cords of Phantasia, which allow valuable objects, secured to them, to simply melt off of them. And the Jumbo Cords of Phantasia, which when secured around a subject from the audience, are caused to pass visibly through him. No actual sales are made through the performance of this show.