Character Work

For events of all types, Drew Heyen offers a remarkable list of fun and entertaining characters:

The Gambler

Drew Heyen has developed a character archetype of a gambler, which is second to none. The combination of a Texas upbringing, an outgoing personality, and his uncanny gift with cards, makes this an entertaining and convincing persona. For a party with a Western theme, starting you character list off with Drew Heyen (A.K.A. Jack Scratch) is a must. Portrayed with or without a Colt Navy strapped to his hip, Jack Scratch looks the part perfectly.

Arabic Peddler

The Character of Jackeem Sacaratch, an Arab itinerant salesman, is the perfect addition to your party or festival. Be it historical or modern the concept of a Middle Eastern peddler fits equally well in any time period as far back as the 900’s. Complete with silly accent, long robe, and fez, this character is in no way an accurate portrayal of a Middle Easterner, rather an entertaining caricature.

Techno Industrial

Want your event to have that cutting edge look. Try out Drew Heyen in his ultra modern attire. Glittering from head to toe with the look of steel and chrome, this is magic with the feel of William Gibson. Don’t think you loose formality though, this style is clean and fashionable.

Jaccamo the Gypsy

Trying to achieve that old world charm for your event? Maybe a gypsy is what you need. Less formal than the other characters, Joccamo is always looking for an angle. He’ll teach you guests how to pick pockets and display the ancient art of Gypsy fortune telling.

Classic Magician

Nothing says “putting on the Ritz” like a magician at your party. With a variety of formal attire to choose from, you can achieve the exact look and feel for your event desired, and your guest will be astounded by the abilities of Drew Heyen.

You Name It

Got an idea that you simply must bring to life? Just ask, if Drew Heyen doesn’t have it, he’ll get it. Specialty costumes and personalities are old hat for Drew Heyen, and given enough time to prepare, the sky is the limit.